TL;DR Adrián is curious-engineer living in Spain. Lover of culture, sport, music, reading, nature, mountains, photography, technology,r travelling and asking questions. Long-distance reader. Life-long learner.

About me

My name is Adrián [Adriáɛn]. I am a software engineer based in Spain. I have almost four years of experience, so I still have a long learning career ahead of me.

Most of my time is spent thinking googling about how to solve problems. Or, if possible, bothering people who know more than I actually do. Moreover, I’m a native Spanish speaker, working in English professionally since 2017.

Have you noticed that the most natural thing that you ever do in your life is to see things from your perspective? I believe that collaborating among people from different backgrounds is the key of successful ideas in software development. There is always something to learn from everyone.

I am on my way of learning how to properly share my experiences and be helpful for the software community. My goal is to work with like-minded people toward a common destiny. The last couple of years, I was focused more on web development but I’ve no restrictions to learn new technologies. If you want to know specific details about my career path, please visit my linkedin profile.

On top of that, I consider myself a person with a very restless mind. In my spare time I love sports, music, books, cooking, nature and photography. In addition, I like to explore nature, specially remote places and climb peaks. We can have a chat. But remember, don’t say just hello.

If you are curious, this site was developed using Jekyll, hosted in github pages with a CI pipeline (github actions) and deployed into Vercel. To learn about static site generators I read the book Working with Static sites.

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“Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas” -

Marie Curie